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Visite de l’entreprise PELLENC pour les élèves de terminale STMG section euro anglaise

vendredi 22 janvier 2016, par DESMAZES Flora, LACAN EMMANUELLE

Le 12 janvier 2016, les élèves de terminale STMG section européenne anglaise se sont rendus au siège de l’entreprise Pellenc.
Située à Pertuis, fabricant de matériels pour la viticulture, viniculture, les espaces verts, la société Pellenc réalise 70% de son chiffre d’affaires à l’international.
Elle a bien voulu ouvrir ses portes aux élèves de la section euro anglais, présenter ses activités en anglais, répondre aux questions puis leurs faire visiter ses ateliers.


We arrived at Pellenc headquarters at 1pm, a young lady, Mrs.Claret Welcomed us and brought us to a conference room. They welcomed us with a coffee break with biscuits and juices.

Sales, technics, human resources ..
A young man called Benoit presented us the Pellenc group in English. He explained us the main facts of the company, such as activity, turnover, and workforce, strategy, figures. He also strengths his speech on Pellenc innovation, presented their R&D department. Actually 991 patents have been filled by the group. At the end of his presentation he answered to our questions.

Afterwards, an electronic department and design offices manager, explained us engine creation and manufacturing process. We discovered thus, the different steps of the design, with quality controls and various tests performed on engines.

When the second presentation was over, Mrs. Claret escorted us to the production site. First of all, we saw the manufacturing of “little tools”, such as Secateurs, harvesting scissors, Battery lion. After that, we went in the big engine production line. Tractors are created in this manufacturing workspace, and they again, explain us how the process was. Then, we saw a demonstration of the newest harvesting machine, a very agile and imposing one.

Then we came back to the conference room. The Human Resources manager, who was a lady, came and with a slide show, she talked to us about the organization, the main priorities for the workforce and who the main actors in the department were. We ended talking about internal communications. Indeed, Pellenc publishes, for example, an internal newsletter, and uses a collaborative platform.

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